Jump In-FromtheSet (2)SMALLTroy Alexander returns to her roots, armed with an airtight plan, to pass the bar exam and start her own practice if it’s the last thing she does. But, her love of law takes a backseat to Jordan, her young son. Law provides an escape from realities that include a marriage turned sour, a distant relationship with Dililah, the mother that provides for her financially, but far-gone, emotionally. The Alexander family is complete again, but not perfect, not by a long shot.

Troy is convinced that she doesn’t need love to be truly happy. She’s content. Love is just a distraction. Or, so she thinks until her partners in crime, Tarin and Camryn, stumble upon Malik Bond, a southern born and bred middle school math teacher. Certain that they’ve found the perfect guy, the duo stage a “chance meeting”, at a welcome home bash. As “fate” would have it, they meet, but the scheme doesn’t unfold according to plan.

When Malik finds himself on her door step, Troy realizes that what he lacks in his wallet he makes up for in other areas. But sparks fly when Jeffrey, Troy’s ex-husband, catches wind that there may be a new man trying to fill his shoes.

Insidious circumstances creep beyond Troy’s control, bringing her plans to a screeching halt. Will Dililah respond to the call? Troy is forced to confront issues she left behind long ago. Life flashes before her eyes, just as love lands at her door.

Family ties are pushed to the limits. Astounding revelations unfold, affecting the Alexander family in different ways, when the unthinkable happens. Tarin questions whether, “soul mate”, Eric, will ever take the plunge. Camryn abandons the façade when she meets an eligible bachelor. “Jump In” is a romantic comedy-drama about taking risks in life and love, forgiveness, and destiny.

“Jump In” placed as a finalist in the University of Southern California – Guy A. Hanks & Marvin H. Miller Screenwriting Competition & the Hollywood Black Film Festival.